An International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever is required by the Brazilian Government for travelers who have been in these countries within the last three months, or have come directly from these countries:

. Angola
. Colombia
. Guinea-Bissau
. Democratic Republic of the Congo
. Benin
. Ecuador
. French Guyana

. Sierra Leone
. Bolivia
. Gabon
. Liberia
. Sudan
. Burkina
. Faso

. Gambia
. Nigeria
. Venezuela
. Cameroon
. Ghana
. Peru
. Zaire

The certificate can be acquired at an official yellow fever vaccination center as designated by the state health departments in your city. The vaccine must be manufactured under approval of the World Health Organization.

Furthermore, we recommend this vaccination for all Brazilians, foreigners or tourists who intend to visit these Brazilian states:

. Acre
. Mato Grosso dos Sul
. Amapá
. Pará

. Amazonas
. Rondônia
. Distrito Federal
. Roraima

. Goiás
. Tocantins
. Maranhão

The vaccination must be taken at least 10 (ten) days before travelling. Note: this information may change. Please check before travelling.