Accompanying persons of the participants of GAP 2016 will be able to book some tours during their stay in Sao Paulo. Below you will find four suggestions. For booking, payment, more options and further information, please contact the official travel agency of the  event, Alatur, through the contact below: 

Alatur Eventos e Incentivos
Vivian Moura
Phone: +55 11 3217-9125
From 08.00 AM to 06.00 PM (Monday to Friday, GMT -3)



Description: During this tour we will visit some of the most famous museums of São Paulo as: Museum of Modern Art (MASP); Immigrant Museum; art gallery; Museum of the Japanese Immigration, among others. Our tour includes the visit of two of these museums, according to availability. Tour Duration: 4 hours
From Tuesdays to Sundays (The museums are closed on Mondays).
** Confirmation is subject to availability at the requested period.



Description: During this day we will visit the most traditional places in São Paulo. The tour starts with the Light Station, opened in 1867, which presents great architectural beauty and helps maintain its tradition as one of the most visited places in town. After that, the visit goes to the largest and best known market in São Paulo, the Municipal Market, as called. He holds a plethora of fruits high quality vegetables and numerous other items. Walking through the aisles of the market, visitors will have the opportunity to see, try and buy items. During the visit, we will have the opportunity to taste crayons and / or bologna sandwich, which is one of market specialties.

The next stop will be in the historic city center, where we see the great buildings such as Building Italy, one of the most beautiful sights of the neighborhood, the Municipal Theatre, stopping where we walk through the Tea Viaduct as appreciate its beauty. Participants will also see the building of Banespa, one of the highest buildings in the city, which has a beautiful panoramic view of the metropolis. Then we will go to School Courtyard and Se Cathedral, which features beautiful stained glass. Here visitors can also see ‘ground zero’, the demarcation of the city center, stopping for photos. Then we visit the town known as Liberdade, with a high concentration of Japanese immigrants, as well as a traditional Japanese decor.

After that, the group heads to the area with one of the historical aspects of the city, “Paulista Region” which is in the financial center, MASP (Art Museum of Sao Paulo) Museum and some of the luxurious streets of the city such as Oscar Freire Street. Stop for lunch at one of the friendly restaurants in town.

After lunch we continue towards the Ibirapuera Park (with photo stop) – the largest park in city, with an area of 1 million square meters rich vegetation – and the views of its surroundings, such as Monument to the Flags, the Obelisk, the Assembly Legislative and Avenida 23 de Maio. Duration of tour: 8 hours

Although the museums are closed on mondays, this does not affect this tour because it does not consider visiting the inside of these, but only panoramic views.

** Confirmation is subject to availability at the requested period.



Description: Embu das Artes was a very important community and is very rich in many ways. It has history, myth and art with a deep root in the formation of São Paulo (as the inhabitants of the city of São Paulo call themselves). Artists that recreate the past and build the future on various raw materials. The natural beauty of a villa of the eighteenth century preserved among other cities in São Paulo.

The ancient village belonged belong to Caiapós, Guarani who first used as a shelter and then developed by the Jesuits and farmers, today is a city with many people from different parts of our planet looking for the beauty of its nature, weather, culture and art. After 1950, artists from many places have made Embu the land of art and craft.

Embu is located just 27 km from São Paulo. About 350,000 people live in Embu, and 680 of them are artists and artisans and painters.

Today, art is the most important cultural aspect of the city and also houses antique shops, craft shops and wooden furniture, hand stores work and historical sites such as the Jesuit Museum Religious, the Chapel of St. Lazarus and Museum Art and Folklore. The open air craft fair is well known because on weekends the tiny town is invaded by people goers restaurants and market buyers bringing a wonderful atmosphere to the city. Duration of tour: 6 hours
Available Saturdays and Sundays.



Description: The cities of Santos and Guaruja are two coastal cities near Sao Paulo. Both are about 80 km from the capital and are costeadas by the Atlantic Ocean, which is known for its excellent shallow water. After path for about an hour in a modern road through large portions of the Atlantic, will arrive in Santos, home to the largest seaport in Latin America. The view of numerous containers and cargo ships is impressive and visitors will notice the strong sense of economic vitality. The Port of Santos, Brazil’s main depot merchandise, was the main gateway to thousands of immigrants who came to Brazil in the late 19th century to work on large coffee plantations. Also in Santos, we know the main tourist attractions in both the historic city center and the city’s edges. Let’s discover how coffee production influencing the local way of life and customs, and learn more about the important historical figures of the area that affected not only the state of São Paulo, but the country as a whole. We will pass by the famous Café Museum and will also make a quick ride on the cable car (15 min). Then we continue on to Guaruja, located in Santo Amaro Island. Since the 70s, with the expansion of the city and a boom in the local real estate market, the island has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of São Paulo. It has a wide variety of beaches, restaurants and viewpoints, from where visitors can take some excellent photos.

Duration of tour: 8 hours
Note: The Coffee Museum and the cable car are closed on Mondays.
Lunch on your own account during the ride.